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Memphis Concrete Paving Contractors

At Wright Construction, we’re considered the number one Memphis concrete paving contractors. This is because we do our jobs well, producing only long-lasting results – but we also educate. We care about our clients, which is why we go over maintenance routines and hypothetical repair plans for every paving project. Because concrete and asphalt education is so important to us, we’ve compiled 5 myths about concrete.

1. Concrete is always grey

False! Concrete starts out as a pale, grey color, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. While it’s still wet, the concrete mixture can be tinted with mineral coloring. This way, it will harden into your desired shade after it’s poured.

2. Cement is the same thing as concrete

This is one of the most common concrete myths in the industry. Cement is used in the creation of concrete. The wet mix consists of cement, water, paste, crushed aggregates, and other additives – it all hardens into concrete.

3. Concrete can be laid at any time

Although concrete is an industry favorite in terms of durability, it won’t properly harden and cure unless it’s laid in perfect conditions. Spring and fall are the best times of year to lay your concrete – temperatures that are too hot or too cold will disrupt the curing process. Fall is here, which means it’s a great time to call your trusted Memphis concrete paving contractors for your next project.

4. Concrete is waterproof

Concrete is porous, which means that liquids and vapors can pass through it. Depending on the density of your concrete, water fully penetrating through the surface could take anywhere from days to months. To learn more about keeping your concrete safe from freezing during the winter months, call your Memphis TN paving contractors at Wright Construction.

5. Concrete is chemical-resistant

Even though it may look indestructible, concrete should never encounter strong chemicals. Magnesium, calcium chloride, and organic acids are all extremely damaging to concrete. Avoid strong chemicals and acids for cleaning your surface. Always contact your Memphis TN paving contractors when looking to use a new cleaning chemical on your concrete.

Memphis Concrete Paving Contractors You Can Trust

For concrete paving, call Wright Construction today. You can rely on us – because so many others have benefitted from our expertise and customer-focused service.

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