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Memphis TN Concrete Paving Contractor

If you’re thinking about getting a paver patio installed on your property, you’ve come to the right place. Wright construction is the most trusted Memphis TN concrete paving contractor – especially for backyard patio paving projects. Do you have a plan for your project? If not, don’t worry! Here’s everything you need to think about before installing a patio:

1. Consider your current landscaping

Does your backyard have a current landscaping layout? If so, it’s important to tweak the details of your patio to properly fit into your current landscape – structurally and aesthetically. You can talk to a Memphis TN concrete paving contractor about any questions regarding measurements and shapes – we’re happy to help you with the design process!

2. Identify a focal point

A patio is a statement piece, so choose a focal point of your backyard to highlight. This could look like a pond, a fire pit, or even a waterfall. Subtle focal points such as a patio pattern or design are simple, more cost-effective choices to consider.

3. Consider water runoff

After heavy rain, your yard absorbs leftover water runoff. When a patio is built over top of your yard, this decreases the amount of possible absorption. Before building your patio, consult with your Memphis TN concrete paving contractor to create a water runoff plan.

4. Planting additional foliage

If your backyard is relatively bare with no landscaping, consider planting extra foliage around the focal point of your patio plan. A plain patio with no greenery or flowers can look out of place. Having plants around the patio will contrast with the concrete and add color.

5. Choosing your patio material

There are plenty of materials you can choose from when it comes to the construction of your patio. Concrete patios are common, and it’s our area of expertise here at Wright Construction. Talk to your Memphis TN concrete paving contractor about your patio material options, and they’ll help you craft a patio plan that meets your expectations as well as your budget needs.

Memphis TN Concrete Paving Contractor for All Your Patio Needs

If you’re ready to begin your patio installation project with the most reliable Memphis TN concrete contractor, call Wright Construction today!

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