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When it comes to asphalt surfaces, maintenance is everything. With proper aftercare, asphalt surfaces can last anywhere from 15-30 years. Without it, the surface may begin to deteriorate after around 5 years or sooner. To make sure your surface lives a long, durable life, be sure to regularly maintain it. Let’s say you just had an asphalt parking lot installed by a Memphis TN paving company – here are some dos and don’ts for aftercare:

Do: Let Your Surface Cure

Check with your Memphis TN paving company to check how long you should wait before using the surface; the average is 24 hours after it was installed. Keep in mind that asphalt takes about a year to fully cure into its maximum state of durability. To protect your surface until it reaches this point, monitor the weight of vehicles using the parking lot, and encourage drivers to keep speeds to a minimum.

Do Not: Ignore Weeds

Keep a close eye on the outskirts of your surface. Any weeds or plants growing should be pulled immediately. Plant roots that sneak beneath the surface can cause rising and bubble, which leads to crumbling and weakness. Use weed killer regularly to reduce the chances of damage. If you suspect your asphalt has already been compromised, call your Memphis TN paving company for an inspection.

Do: Remove Liquids & Solids

Oil and grease spills are asphalt killers. They penetrate the asphalt and break down the bindings so rapidly that your surface will be unstable before you see any visual damage. Clean up any spills immediately. Additionally, remove any snow or ice. Once the solids melt into liquids, they’ll seep into the pores of the asphalt and freeze overnight, therefore expanding inside your surface and making it prone to potholes and cracking. Call your Memphis TN paving company for any repairs needed due to spills and freezing.

Choose the #1 Memphis TN Paving Company for All Your Asphalt Needs

If you haven’t properly maintained your asphalt surface, don’t worry – Wright Construction has you covered with repairs, replacement, and resealing services. If you just had a new surface installed, let us manage its maintenance to ensure longevity and reliability. To begin, call us today.

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