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Parking Lot Paving Company

At Wright Construction, we get the job done perfectly every single time! Our wide variety of services never ceases to satisfy our customers. We genuinely put our clients first and foremost. For that reason, we are the parking lot paving company that Tennessee knows and chooses first.

Which Parking Lot Paving Company You Choose Matters

We complete each one of our services with quality workmanship and the latest technology to ensure only the best results. We also specialize in working with both concrete and asphalt so that we can meet any need you have.

When Should You Hire a Parking Lot Paving Company
A well-paved parking lot is very important for both companies and property owners. It is the first thing customers and guests see, showing how much care and attention to detail went into the property. Wright Construction is the parking lot paving company that can build, fix, and maintain your parking lots. 

Our knowledge will make sure that your parking lot meets and goes above and beyond industry standards, making it safer and more attractive. From smooth setups to quick fixes, we make sure that every part of your parking lot makes it a good place for everyone to visit. Don't worry – we will make sure the property does well.

Here is when you should hire a parking lot paving company:

Visible Damage 
Knowing how to spot typical signs of damage and wear is very important. Cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces often show that you need skilled help. These problems can make things less safe and less attractive. Therefore, it is important to check your pavement often for any signs of damage.

Drainage Issues
Problems with drainage can do a lot of damage to your parking lot's structure and surface. Damage builds up over time when water pools and does not drain properly. Thus, a professional needs to look at and help them to avoid long-term damage. You can find these problems early with regular checks.

Fading Markings
Parking lines and signs must be easy to see for safety and effectiveness. Fading markings can make things much harder to use and find. These are clear signs that a professional must paint and fix the house. Doing so makes sure that the parking lot is safe and well-organized.


Our general concrete services include:

  • Floor leveling

  • Gutter and curb maintenance

  • Drainage repair

  • Sidewalks

  • Foundation walls

  • Columns and beams

  • Trip hazard and joint repair

  • Light pole bases

  • And more

Wright Construction installs our durable concrete for your residential or commercial spaces in Chattanooga, Birmingham, Memphis, and Nashville.

Our asphalt services include:

  • Pothole repair

  • Regular maintenance

  • Striping and signage

  • Speed bump installation

  • ADA compliance

  • Cracking filling

  • Overlays

What to Consider When Hiring a Parking Lot Paving Company


A cracked, uneven parking lot is more than just an eyesore. It is a liability waiting to happen. Cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces can create a negative impression. They can deter customers and impact your bottom line. If your parking lot is showing signs of wear and tear, it might be time to consider hiring a parking lot paving company. 


Wright Construction Company is a parking lot paving company that understands the importance of a smooth, safe, and visually appealing parking lot. Here are a few reasons to choose us!


Experience & Expertise


When it comes to your parking lot, experience matters. Look for a paving company with a long history in the industry. Our years of experience translate to a deep understanding of parking lot construction and repairs. This means we can handle projects of any size or complexity, efficiently and to the highest standards.


Range of Services


Your parking lot deserves a comprehensive approach. We offer a full range of services, from start to finish. This includes new installations, repairs for cracks and potholes, and even ongoing maintenance plans to keep your lot looking its best. By working with a single provider, you eliminate the hassle of coordinating with multiple contractors and ensure a consistent, professional experience throughout the entire project.


Professional Team


Your parking lot is an investment. Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals understands this. This includes experienced pavers who take pride in their craft and are qualified equipment operators who ensure efficient work. They are knowledgeable supervisors who oversee every detail of the project. A well-trained team guarantees top-quality workmanship and a smooth-running project from start to finish.


Project Portfolio


Before making a decision, take a look at our portfolio of completed projects. A company’s past work is the best indicator of its performance. Look for examples similar to your own project and assess the quality of the finished product. A company with a portfolio showcasing successful parking lot projects of all sizes is a company you can trust to deliver exceptional results for you.

Our Services

We take pride in all our work – especially our paving services. Our concrete surfaces are built to last, down to every square inch. Our main goal is to provide you with quality results that last. In order to do that, not only do we provide paving services, but surface maintenance as well. For our asphalt projects, we offer emulsion sealing services to lock in the strength and new appearance of the material. If you're looking for a parking lot paving company, choose Wright construction today. We get the job done right the very first time.

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