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Parking Lot Paving Company in Birmingham

Are you a business owner in Birmingham, Alabama? One part of being a business owner is keeping up with appearances – they truly make all the difference to a client or potential clients. The first impression is everything. Did you know that one of the first things a customer notices before entering a business establishment is parking arrangements? A parking lot is the first impression of your business that can help or hurt your sales. Consider the location of your parking lot, its accessibility, how maintained it is, and if any repairs are needed. On the other hand, you may not have a parking lot. Not to worry – Wright Construction has you covered. We’re the top parking lot paving company in Birmingham, and we truly do it all. We offer all parking lot services like installations, destruction, repairs, maintenance, sealing, resurfacing, and more.

What We Do

Although we’re the most popular parking lot paving company in Birmingham, we’re known for more than just parking lots. At Wright Construction, “construction” is our middle name – literally. We offer just about any construction service you could ever need. Services like foundation construction, ADA compliance, concrete slabs and structures, road and driveway paving, repairs, maintenance, and a number of other asphalt and concrete services. When you work with Wright Construction, your possibilities are endless.

Trust the #1 Parking Lot Paving Company in Birmingham

At Wright Construction, we put the clients and the job first. We give every project our all from start to finish, accepting only the highest quality results performed by the best professionals in Birmingham. When we install your new parking lot, we can either start fresh or demolish an old parking lot at the end of its life. Our expert pavers can help you decide whether your best option is to repave or to perform repairs and maintenance to an older parking lot. You can choose from our two high quality materials of asphalt or concrete, and from there, we’ll get straight to work. You can count on us, the #1 parking lot paving company in Birmingham, to perform the installation, repairs, or maintenance to your parking lot. Call us today at (205) 216-4544. 

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