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Paving Company Memphis TN

At Wright Construction, one of the materials we work with the most is asphalt. This petroleum-based material is cost-effective, durable, and long lasting – but only when it’s well maintained. Asphalt is made up of a mixture of aggregates, fillers and binders like sand, gravel, and bitumen. When asphalt receives regular wear and tear of use, it can lead to eventual cracking, crumbling, and even potholes. As the paving company Memphis TN residents rely on, we’re here to save you money when it comes to your asphalt. Here are some top causes of asphalt deterioration:


1. Excessive Water

Asphalt is porous, meaning when water pools onto its surface, it penetrates its layers. When outdoor temperatures fall and rise rapidly, this water within the asphalt can cause it to contract and expand, resulting in cracks.


2. Excessive Weight

Asphalt is made to be durable and withstand large amounts of weight from vehicles and machinery, but it can only take so much pressure before it begins to deteriorate. As the paving company Memphis TN residents trust, we recommend majorly traveled roads and parking lots be repaved every 2-5 years.


3. Excessive Sun Exposure

Asphalt is very dark in color – black when it’s first paved. This darkness gives it UV-attracting qualities. This radiation can damage the surface of asphalt just as it can damage human skin. In your asphalt surface’s case, it can cause premature cracking and color fading. Getting the surface sealed regularly can greatly reduce this damage factor.


4. Excessive Exposure to Chemicals

Oil, gasoline, and other chemicals that vehicles produce are constantly accumulated onto asphalt surfaces. The stronger the chemical is, the faster it will seep into the asphalt, damaging its layers through what we call “etching.” Once again, we recommend seal coating your asphalt regularly to put a protective barrier between your asphalt and vehicular chemicals.


Need Asphalt Repairs? Call the Paving Company Memphis TN Raves About!

If your asphalt is deteriorating from any of the following factors, reach out to Wright Construction today. We’re seen as the paving company Memphis TN is known for, and we’d love to show you why!

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