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Paving Company Near Birmingham AL

When you think of a paving company near Birmingham AL, what do you envision? A reliable team of professionals that take the time to provide excellent customer service all while completing the job in a timely fashion with workmanship that exceeds all expectations? We’re that company. We’re Wright Construction.

What We Do

Our company specializes in all things asphalt, concrete, and cement. This means we perform every service having to do with these materials. As for asphalt, we pave with it, install it, repair it, deconstruct it, and even seal it with a special asphalt emulsion layer. Additionally, our team specializes in the striping of any asphalt surface as well as signage.

For every job we tackle, we personalize the type of concrete and cement we use so that it can withstand the amount of weight and pressure being applied to it. We do this to extend the quality and lifespan of your project results. Not only do we pave with concrete and cement, but we also remove it, repair it, install it, and we even offer concrete foundation construction services.

Why Choose Us?

We take customer service to a new level at Wright Construction. Each client works hand in hand with one of our staff members to create a personalized payment plan. Additionally, we have staff members standing by as a direct line of communication with all clients, giving them the opportunity to ask questions, check the progress of their project, and more!

We also take pride in being a green-friendly company. Our asphalt is made of 100% recyclable materials, and our crew members are trained to practice eco-friendly workplace tactics in order to protect our planet.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring the Right Paving Company

Experience Matters

Hiring an experienced paving company near Birmingham AL is crucial. You should look for a company that has done similar jobs before and done them well. Ask for examples of their past work and make sure they know how to do the type of paving you need.

Reputation & References

Do your research by checking online reviews and testimonials. Also, ask the company for references from past clients to find out directly how well they do their job and how reliable they are.

Licensing & Insurance

Ensure that the company is properly licensed and insured. Licensing shows that they follow the rules in your area, and insurance protects you and the workers in case of damage or accidents during the project.

Materials & Equipment

Ask about the materials the company uses and the quality of their equipment. High-quality materials and well-maintained equipment contribute to a longer-lasting pavement.

Cost Estimates

Get detailed price quotes from more than one business and then compare them. Be wary of quotes that seem too low; they could mean that the materials or work are not very good.

Timeline & Scheduling

Discuss project timelines and scheduling with the company. You should be clear about when the job will begin and end, and it should fit your needs.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication that works well is a key part of any project's success. Setting up clear and open lines of contact with the company or team is very important. Making sure that your project gets the results you want requires regular updates, feedback sessions, and a willingness to work together. Responding and working together with everyone makes for a busy workplace and helps get past any problems that might come up along the way.

Your Paving Company Near Birmingham AL

If you’re looking for a paving company near Birmingham AL, choose Wright Construction today. We get the job done right the first time, and we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. To schedule your next project with us, call Wright Construction today at (205) 216-4544.

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