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Asphalt Company Chattanooga

At Wright Construction, we meet all your pavement and asphalt repair and maintenance needs with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Making sure we get the job done right every time is our top priority. We believe in putting our customers first, and we work hard every day to be the absolute best asphalt company Chattanooga has to offer!

The Best Asphalt Company Chattanooga Trusts

We put a lot of detail into making sure our asphalt surfaces are created to last, and we give our all to ensure that your surfaces are durable and reliable like no other. Our asphalt emulsion sealing services keep your asphalt looking brand new and works to prevent any cracking and helps keep water damage at bay. We also offer asphalt maintenance services to keep all your surfaces in tip top shape. We are proud to be the asphalt company Chattanooga loves and trusts!

Aside from asphalt, we also provide several concrete services. Whether you need floor leveling, concrete paving, light pole bases or any other concrete structure, Wright Construction has your back! Our skilled team works fast and meticulously with the very best technology to make sure your project is finished well and on time.

Driveway paving is always necessary – because driveways deteriorate.


Why Do Driveways Deteriorate?

  1. Poor Installation

  2. Uneven Asphalt or Concrete

  3. Water Pooling

  4. Heavy Loads (Vehicles)

  5. Tree Roots

  6. Oil Spots

  7. Oxidation

  8. Studded Tires

While some of these damaging factors are inevitable, adjusting your daily habits to ensure the safety of your driveway in the long run is truly worth it. For all damage repairs and maintenance services, homeowners turn to Wright Construction for driveway paving Chattanooga trusts. We provide a smooth and pleasant entranceway towards your building or home.


While there are other contractors in the area that may promise the same results, the main problem is that not all contractors are able to provide a smooth surface that meets your standards. One mistake can ruin your driveway and result in a complete removal and brand-new installation. Why spend more money on a contractor when you have a safe, high-quality option?


Driveway Paving Chattanooga Trusts


You don’t have to worry – because Wright Construction is here to help you with the best driveway paving in Chattanooga. Drawing on experience from 29 successful years in this business, we can confidently say that we provide exceptional construction services you can rely on. Don’t take it from just us, though. We have a plethora of reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients who highly recommend our company for all construction and paving needs.


We undertake every detail of every job professionally while keeping customers’ desires at the top of our priorities. We also have an expert crew to handle your driveway paving. In addition, each skilled worker has the experience and training they need to provide exceptional quality work in a timely manner, giving you excellent results fast.


Using our driveway paving service in Chattanooga, you can transform your driveway entirely. We take the most damaged, cracked and unusable driveways and turn them brand new with a sleek finish in a matter of days. A driveway says a lot about a home, and with Wright Construction on your side, you’ll be proud to park your car on a sleek, like-new surface. Additionally, guests and neighbors will see the difference of your renewed driveway as soon as we’re finished. 

Wright Construction believes in quality. For that reason, the material we use in paving your driveway comes from industry-standard sources. You can depend on it to last. As a matter of fact, every type of concrete and asphalt we use in each job is from top-of-the-line manufacturers, so you know you’re getting the very best materials for every project we perform. You deserve long-lasting, sturdy results that save you money in the long run. We’re here to provide you with that as the paving company Chattanooga trusts.


Why Choose Us?

At Wright Construction, we hold ourselves and our work at a high standard, and we want our company values to reflect that. Our asphalt is 100% recyclable, and we encourage several environmentally friendly strategies in our everyday projects. We also work individually with each one of our clients to create a personalized budget plan to suit their financial needs. We offer a large amount of payment plans to fit any budget, and we always have a helpful frame of mind when working with a client.

Call Us Today!
When it comes to an asphalt company, Chattanooga is home to a multitude-but we hope you choose us, because we’ll always choose you. Please call us today at (423) 490-9981. We look forward to working with you!
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