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Commercial Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating


When it comes to maintaining your property, your parking lot or driveway and other paved areas might not be the first things that you’d put on your to-do list. But pavement maintenance is important to ensure that your parking lot or other paved surfaces are stable and serve you and your customers well!


Here are a few indications that you might need asphalt repair or maintenance:

  • Puddles are forming on your parking lot. This indicates poor drainage, and in addition to being a nuisance for people trying to avoid getting their feet wet when getting out of their cars, those puddles can actually harm your pavement. Lingering moisture can seep into the asphalt and affect the binding agents, so it’s important to make sure you have proper drainage.

  • “Alligator cracks” appear. If your parking lot or driveway has cracks that make it look like the texture of an alligator’s skin, that can become a major problem and requires repair. This common type of asphalt paving distress appears when the sub-base beneath the surface of your asphalt is undermined. We offer asphalt crack fill and repair for alligator cracks and other types of asphalt cracks to help your pavement last longer.

  • Your parking lot’s color is fading. This sounds like more of a cosmetic issue. But if your parking lot’s surface is fading from black to gray, it means that your parking lot is aging -- and aging asphalt is susceptible to cracks and damage as it becomes more brittle. Our sealcoating services are an important part of regular asphalt maintenance, and can help protect your pavement and give it a longer useful life.


In addition to our asphalt and pavement repair and maintenance, we also offer a variety of construction services to improve your facility. We can help with striping or signage, ADA compliance, speed bump installation and much more. We offer everything from pothole repair to new parking lot installation in Nashville, Chattanooga and Birmingham.


Whether you need a residential driveway or commercial asphalting services, we have the experience to take care of all of your asphalt, concrete and paving needs. Call Wright Construction today!


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