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Facility Concrete Maintenance & Repair

Businesses evolve, tenants change. Additions of dock pits, replacement of pavement, new ramps, etc. are common needs in today’s business environment. Or sometimes the existing concrete structures such as sidewalks, ramps, dock pits and more are just what you need, but they require maintenance such as crack repair. With over 25 years in the construction industry, Wright Construction can help you with all aspects of concrete maintenance and repair so your facility is safe and looks great.


We will help you evaluate your concrete maintenance and repair needs, assist in design if new construction is needed, and complete the job while minimizing impact on your ongoing operations. We work quickly but very efficiently, leaving the work area clean and beautifully finished.


Concrete is a very durable building material that can hold a lot of weight and is fairly low maintenance -- so it is great for ramps, sidewalks, patios, outdoor eating spaces and other paved areas. If you want to keep your concrete areas looking great and lasting longer, there are some easy concrete maintenance tips that you can follow:

  • Regular pressure washing can keep concrete areas and concrete slabs looking newer and whiter. Just be sure to protect your facility from the pressurized water, or hire a professional to do the cleaning.

  • Clean up oil stains promptly. Fresh oil stains can often be removed by using the clay-based, clumping cat litter or baking soda -- just apply, let it sit on the stain overnight, sweep it clean the next day, and spray the area clean with a hose. If an oil stain has been allowed to sit, you will need a stronger cleaner especially for removing older oil stains.

  • Use a mixture of bleach and water to get rid of mildew that grows on your cement surfaces.

  • Keeping your concrete sidewalks and other areas swept, clean and well-maintained creates a better first impression on your visitors and makes them last longer.


We are a contractor that works extensively with concrete and cement. Call Wright Construction for any of your paving, concrete installation, and concrete maintenance needs. We can either install new concrete structures or provide the repair services to make them look like new. Our concrete crack repair can help stop damage in its tracks and make cracked concrete surfaces look nicer.


Our full list of concrete repair and maintenance services include demolition, concrete slab repair, pavement and joint repair, structural concrete repair, epoxy repair, dock pit installation, floor leveling, pipe bollards and more. We can help you meet ADA accessibility guidelines, too. And if you’ve noticed puddles forming on your cement or concrete areas, we can help you with drainage repair and trench drains.


Wright Construction serves Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and Birmingham, offering professional concrete maintenance, concrete slab installation and crack repair services for all sorts of facilities. We work with both residential and commercial customers.


No job is too big or too small, so contact us for a quote today!


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