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On-Site Concrete

Sidewalks and curbs are some of the first impressions your clients will receive about your building. When a sidewalk is cracked or discolored, that can make a negative impression -- even if your visitors don’t even consciously realize it. By the same token, quality concrete structures that look newer and are in good condition give an impression of dependability. 


If you think you might need cement, concrete or asphalt services in the Southeast, give Wright Construction a call. We are a contractor that takes pride in delivering accurately placed and superbly finished concrete in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Birmingham. And we have more than 25 years’ experience delivering quality concrete installations on time and on budget.


Wright Construction specializes in all types of on site concrete services at all types of job sites. Besides perfectly placed and beautifully finished curbing and sidewalks, we also perform other types of concrete construction such as walls, pavement, swales for managing water runoff, and dumpster or generator pads. Our focus as a concrete construction company is on providing quality installations that look good and stand the test of time.


Whether you have a new Class A office space, church, school or other new construction, or are simply in need of some upgrades or repairs for your existing building, on-site concrete from Wright Construction will help give your property the curb appeal it needs. Call us with all your asphalt, cement and concrete services needs.


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