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Asphalt Paving Birmingham AL

Are you looking for a paving company with fair pricing and quality work? At Wright Construction, that’s what we do best. Our company offers asphalt paving Birmingham AL can’t live without! We’re dedicated to giving Alabama unbeatable paving results along with high-quality customer service, affordable pricing, and other construction services! If you’re needing asphalt or concrete paving services, Wright Construction is here to help.

Asphalt Services


Wright Construction is known as the best company for asphalt paving Birmingham has to offer. But we’re far more than just a paving company. We mostly work with asphalt and concrete, and we offer just about every service you can think of for these two materials.

Our asphalt surfaces are built to last. Not only do we offer paving, but we also have repair and maintenance services to keep your asphalt surfaces strong, colorful, and durable. Our asphalt emulsion sealing services lock out any water, sun exposure, or grit that may damage your asphalt over time, making for a long lifespan.

After paving and sealing the asphalt, we offer striping and signage for parking lot structures. We heavily follow ADA compliance codes, and we even offer personalized stencils for any customized striping or design you need.

Concrete Services


Our area of expertise doesn’t stop at asphalt – we’re Birmingham’s first choice for all things concrete. We offer both installation and removal of concrete surfaces along with regular repair and maintenance. Additionally, Wright Construction offers foundation construction services for larger jobs. We construct (and destruct) columns and beams, flooring and walls, trench drains, pile caps, light post bases, box culverts, and more! We repair curbs, gutters, cracking, trip hazards, potholes, and more!

Asphalt Paving Birmingham AL Trusts


Choose Wright Construction because of our passion and love for our work – we’re proud to be asphalt paving Birmingham AL one job at a time! We offer our professional services to both residential and commercial spaces in Birmingham AL and the surrounding could be next. Call our Birmingham office today at (205) 216-4544 to discuss your needs and talk about pricing and schedule availability. Our top priority is getting your task done correctly and in a timely fashion. 

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