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Best Paving Company in Chattanooga

At Wright Construction, we understand the stress of finding the right company to tackle your latest projects. Maybe the pricing, work ethic, or customer service of various businesses haven’t met your expectations. Our company provides our clients with fair pricing, a never-ending work ethic, and unbeatable customer service. Wright Construction is proud to be the best paving company in Chattanooga.


What We Offer

We provide a multitude of services to fit every customer’s needs. Wright Construction specializes in all types of concrete services on all types of job sites – residential or commercial. Our surfaces are built to last, and we also offer various repair and maintenance services to fix any past damage and manage regular upkeep.


Along with concrete paving, we specialize in:


  • Sidewalks

  • Floor leveling

  • Gutter and curb maintenance

  • Light pole bases

  • Trip hazard repair

  • Columns and beams

  • Drainage repair and more


Our asphalt is 100% recyclable, our crews use the latest technology to create long lasting surfaces. Our asphalt services include pothole repair, striping and signage, ADA compliance, speed bump installation, overlays, crack repair, and more.


Best Paving Company in Chattanooga

Our company specializes not only in high quality paving services, but also paved surface maintenance. For our asphalt projects, we offer emulsion sealing that prevents any damage to the asphalt, such as water infiltration, cracking, or discoloration. Regular maintenance to your paved surfaces will keep them in excellent condition and give them a long-lasting life.

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