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Concrete Paving Contractors Memphis

Have you been considering getting a beautiful walkway installed at your commercial business space? There’s nothing more enticing than a walkway surrounded by nice greenery. With Wright Construction, you can have the pathway of your dreams for the outside curb appeal of your business setting. When you work with the concrete paving contractors Memphis, TN business owners trust with their walkways, you receive quality workmanship at a fair price. Here’s everything you need to know about your new sidewalk addition:

Concrete Paving Contractors Memphis

Building Materials: Why Concrete?

As the concrete paving contractors Memphis residents love, we highly recommend concrete for your primary sidewalk material. Wright Construction also works with asphalt, and although this material is cheaper upfront, constructing a concrete sidewalk saves you money in the future. Concrete is an eco-friendly material with minimal, cost-efficient maintenance needs. It is less likely to become brittle and crack over time and usage.

Planning Ahead: Choose the Right Paving Company

When creating a plan for your newest outdoor addition to your business property, be sure to work directly with the right contracting company. Without a solid plan, the outcome of your pathway has a high chance of hurting your hopes. The right contracting company will be able to provide you with measurements and a thorough visual of where your pathway will be, and how it will be laid out. For professional pathway planning, call the concrete paving contractors Memphis knows and trusts: Wright Construction.

Deal Breakers: Important Considerations

Before your contractors begin installing your concrete pathway, please keep in mind the following points:

  • Make sure your contractor has properly sloped the site for sidewalk water drainage

  • If you’re interested in foliage surrounding the pathway, invest in this after the installation

  • Remember to include a quality sealant in your purchase with your contracting company. A concrete sealant will keep your pathway vibrant and durable for years to come.

Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

Part of maintaining a durable concrete surface is prioritizing regular sealings. Contact the concrete paving contractors Memphis depends on to reseal your pathway every 2 to 5 years. Additionally, check your sidewalk regularly for cracks and chips that need repairs. If you’re really serious about protecting your surface, you can sweep or hose it down every so often to remove debris.

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