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Concrete Sidewalks

Attractive, Safe Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

Concrete sidewalks are everywhere in this day and age, helping people get from one place to another without having to walk on mud, grass or dirt. They're right in front of businesses of all kinds, as well as in front of residences. Having a well-made, clean sidewalk by your home or place of business makes it more inviting as well as easier to access.


That's the reason that it's helpful to choose a trusted contractor when you need help with everything related to concrete sidewalk construction and repair. We know all about how to build a sidewalk or walkway that will last and that will be easy to clean and maintain. Our professional contractors can also advise homeowners and business owners on possible sidewalk hazards to avoid and proactive measures to take.

Sidewalks and Possible Hazards

It's essential to closely assess sidewalks on a routine basis. Doing so can help you pinpoint possible dangers that might affect the people who walk on them. Most of these will be tripping hazards that need to be repaired to prevent dangerous falls.


For example, sidewalks that are elevated in an unusual manner can pose a problem to people. The same goes for sidewalks that are chock-full of cracks and splits. It can also be problematic to walk over sidewalks that include any oddly sunken sections. Some sidewalks have significant chunks that have disappeared with the passing of time for whatever reason as well, and these can also potentially endanger individuals who are walking. Visible aggregate that has a tough texture can even be an issue, especially for those who depend on wheelchairs or walkers.


Tree roots can wreak havoc on sidewalks, forcing areas of the sidewalk up and creating an uneven surface. This can make people a lot more susceptible to tripping, falling and injuries.

Sidewalk Repair Services

Whether your sidewalk has damage from tree roots, age or any other cause, repair service is critical. Prompt repair work can safeguard people from all kinds of difficult, unpleasant and painful situations.


If one of our professionals analyzes your sidewalk and decides that it's a good candidate for in-depth repair service, there are a number of tools and techniques we can use. Sidewalk repair work often calls for the use of tools like concrete finishing devices, jacks and grinders. Licensed contractors like Wright Construction are optimal for all kinds of concrete repair projects, with the experience, industry know-how and training that's necessary to make informed choices.


We can provide repair work that's especially safe and thorough, and our contractors can assist individuals and businesses with concrete repair jobs of all sizes. From seemingly minor fixes to bigger and more ambitious sidewalk repair projects, we’re here to handle the job and leave your walkways repaired and looking good as new. We can also apply sealant to help prevent further damage.

Professional Contractors for All Sidewalk Repair Projects

As a construction company serving the Southeast for more than 25 years, we are licensed and 100 percent qualified to take on sidewalk repair projects. Since the state of any sidewalk can greatly affect the safety of the members of the public, the assistance of a contractor who has a terrific track record can be priceless. If you want sidewalk repair service that's secure, safe and comprehensive, it’s crucial to take the professional path.


Hiring a professional for a concrete repair effort doesn't have to be particularly costly. We are known for our outstanding work, competitive rates, punctuality and excellent customer service practices. We make use of top-notch tools and equipment to deliver the best results every time.


Working with a contractor on sidewalk repair can be a strong option for people who have scheduling issues. Whether you're a business owner or if you're a homeowner, chances are you have a lot on your plate all of the time -- leaving you with little time to manage concrete repair projects of any kind. Our team of construction professionals know how to get sidewalk repair and installation projects done on time and on budget.


Hiring a professional for any sidewalk repair project can actually be a lot more economical in the end than trying to repair a sidewalk issue on your own. The DIY route sometimes leads to costly mistakes that require even more elaborate and intricate repair service than the original problem!


Let Wright Construction take care of all your sidewalk and walkway needs, including sealing, repairs and more. We’ll leave you with a safe, functional and attractive sidewalk that adds to the prestige of your home or office. Contact us today for a quote!

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