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Different Types of Concrete & How We Use Them

different types of concrete

At Wright Construction, we work with only the highest-grade materials to ensure the lifespan and reliability of our projects. No project is the same, and some of our concrete services require different types of concrete in order to prevail with the best results. Here are some of our different types of concrete and how we use them.

5 Different Types of Concrete

1. Normal Strength Concrete

Normal strength concrete is made up of three basic ingredients: sand, concrete, and aggregate. Once prepared and installed, it takes around 30 to 90 minutes to set properly. This type of concrete is used mainly for the installation of pavement or buildings that don’t require a high tensile strength.

2. Reinforced Concrete

One of the most common materials used in modern construction, reinforced concrete is utilized by placing metal rods, wires, or cables into the wet mix before it sets. These extra materials help to reinforce tensile resistance, making for a stronger end-result concrete. This type of concrete is most commonly used in the construction of roadways, bridges, and buildings.

3. Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is specially made in a factory, and then transported to construction sites for assembly and use. This high-quality material is very fast to assemble and set. It’s usually used to construct concrete blocks and other large structures, such as precast walls, various poles, and concrete staircases.

4. Ready-mix Concrete

Have you ever seen a large mixing truck while passing a construction site? That mixing chamber was processing a material called ready-mix concrete. This type of concrete is created and prepared in a concrete plant, and it processes and mixes on the way to the construction site. It’s a time-sensitive material that cannot be over or undermixed, which is its only drawback. Ready-mix concrete can be used for walls, roadways, buildings, tunnels, bridge supports, and more.

5. Prestressed Concrete

This material is one of the strongest kinds of concrete we use at Wright Construction. Like reinforced concrete, this material uses metal bars and tendons. These extra materials are first stressed before being applied in the wet concrete mix, then it is compressed by heavy machinery. This combination makes for extreme strength in the lower section of the concrete. Prestressed concrete is used for floor beams, water tanks, runways, heavy roofs, and bridges.


No matter what type of concrete your project calls for, trust the pros at Wright Construction to do it well. Call us today for an estimate!


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