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How to Prepare for a Commercial Asphalt Paving Project

How to Prepare for a Commercial Asphalt Paving Project

Investing in high-quality commercial asphalt pavement is a great way to enhance the appearance of your commercial property and make a great impression on your customers. Asphalt pavements can serve as your parking lots, driveways, and highways, and are also great for improving flood control and preventing erosion of your property. Here at Wright Construction, we take pride in educating people about everything they need to know when it comes to asphalt paving.

Just like any other construction project, a successful asphalt paving will require a lot of preparation, so here are the steps you need to know before getting started.

How to Prepare for a Commercial Asphalt Paving Project

1. Identify Your Requirements

Will the contractor start from scratch, or is there already an existing asphalt structure that needs to be replaced or maintained? Are you looking for something long-term, or wanting a temporary solution?

What will the pavement be used for? Is it foot traffic, cars, or trucks with heavy loads? The more weight in the traffic, the thicker the surface will need to be. Knowing the answers to these questions will make it easy for you to start planning the project.

2. Inspect Your Site

Take a good look at the current state of your property and see if there are areas for improvement when it comes to your driveway, roadway, or parking lot. Check for damage, cracks, and potholes that need to be repaired.

3. Choose the Material

Asphalt pavement is a popular material used in a variety of construction projects for many reasons. It’s known for its longevity and ability to withstand strong weather disturbances. There are different types of asphalt mixes and each serves a different purpose.

It’s important to work with an experienced contractor to help you choose which type of asphalt is right for your commercial property so you can make the most out of your asphalt driveway or parking lot.

4. Set Your Budget

Projecting the cost of your asphalt paving project is important. It’s best to explore your options to find the best deal, but it is also worth noting that a project at this scale will involve money that needs to be invested in a contractor who will give you your money’s worth.

5. Hire a Commercial Asphalt Contractor

Before hiring a contractor, do your research and ask about the contractor’s level of experience when it comes to working on asphalt pavements. It is important to find a contractor that is able to work with your vision and budget. You can also ask for testimonials and past projects to get an idea of how they work.

6. Secure Your Permits

Once you know the scope of your project and have chosen a contractor, the next step is to apply for permits. Contact the building code office in the city where your project will be to know the regulations you must adhere to and to prevent project halts and delays.

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At Wright Construction, we install asphalt pavements for a wide range of commercial properties and businesses throughout the southeast United States. If you need quality asphalt installation, please contact us and we’ll assist you right away!


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