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Is Asphalt or Concrete a Better Paving Choice for Your Project? Part 2

In our last post, we started talking about the first question many customers have to think about. That is, “is asphalt or concrete a better paving choice for your project?” We’ve found that both surfaces work well in a variety of conditions. However, they are definitely not equal.

Is Asphalt or Concrete a Better Paving Choice?

Having already discussed usage, weather, and installation/maintenance factors, let’s jump into the final four factors.

4. Lifespan

Let’s assume proper installation, in a climate that’s ideal, moderate traffic, and a regular maintenance schedule. In that case, you’ll find that concrete and asphalt both last many, many years.

  • Concrete paving can be expected to last from 30 to 40 years

  • Asphalt paving will be durable for 20 to 30 years

  • Cost-effectiveness is relative – asphalt surfaces wear out more quickly but require less cost outlay to replace

Bear in mind, neglect and lack of maintenance will both cause your pavement to fail quickly. The ground moves, traffic causes wear and tear, and no surface is durable without maintenance.

5. Curing Time

Asphalt cures within a few days. If you have a major time crunch before first use, this surface will be your best option. Concrete will take a week and sometimes longer to cure. You don’t want to rush concrete, because if you do you’ll risk shortening its lifespan considerably.

6. Sealant

You should expect to reseal your asphalt every 3-5 years after installation. It’s pretty easy – and absolutely necessary for durability. Concrete won’t require attention that frequently unless you want to keep fading to a minimum. However, a sealed driveway will retain its fresh look longer.

7. Stain Resistance

Simple: asphalt hides stains. Concrete shows them off. If that matters to you, you can either lay asphalt or clean your concrete surface often.

Still trying to choose between asphalt or concrete? Is asphalt or concrete a better paving choice for your project? We can help! Call us for professional, no-strings attached consultation.

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