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What is Asphalt Made Of?

What is Asphalt Made Of

Asphalt pavement is made up of highly controlled materials, all compacted to form a uniform dense mass, resulting in a smooth, safe, and long-lasting roadway system. There are generally two types of asphalt mixes: hot mix and cold mix. Hot mix asphalt is more commonly used in highways, parking lots, and city streets. Cold mix asphalt is used for pothole repairs, winter projects, secondary roads, and remote locations.

The asphalt pavement is composed of aggregates and binder. Aggregates are made from crushed stones, sand, and gravel. The binder is a black sticky viscous byproduct of petroleum, which holds everything together to form a cohesive mixture. It is also also known as bitumen.

The aggregates and binder are combined at high heat to evaporate moisture and make it more viscous, making it easier to pour and spread. The resulting mix will need to be maintained at high temperatures while it is being applied and compacted as a flat surface.

If properly designed, installed, and regularly maintained, the asphalt pavement will remain intact for many years without the need for repairs or reconstruction.

Where is Asphalt Used?

Asphalt is used in a variety of construction projects where a smooth flat surface is required. It is the preferred material of choice for most roads, highways, parking lots, small airport runways, and even some urban walking trails in the USA.

We regularly experience extreme weather temperatures in the southeastern part of the United States, where summers can get extremely hot while winters are cold. Our roads, parking lots, and pavements will need to be able to handle these extreme temperatures - which is why we use asphalt.

Aside from being a durable material to work with, asphalt is also cost-effective, sustainable, and easy to maintain, making it the ideal choice for most pavement projects.

Why Choose Us?

The manufacture and application of asphalt is a complicated yet precise process. When applied by trained professionals and properly maintained, it can last for a very long time.

At Wright Construction, we use high-quality asphalt in the construction of our pavements to ensure that it holds up well against harsh weather elements and repeated use over time. We make sure that our staff is always up to date with the latest advances in asphalt technology to come up with the best results for our clients.

To get started on your asphalt pavement project, please contact us and we’ll assist you right away.


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