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What to Expect During Asphalt Replacement

What to Expect During Asphalt Replacement

Embarking on an asphalt replacement project for your parking lot is an extremely important undertaking for property owners and managers. Your parking lot is an important part of your property because not only does it improve the curb appeal, it also ensures a smooth experience for your visitors. We'll guide you through what happens during an asphalt replacement project and provide valuable insights into what you can expect during the process.

What to Expect During Asphalt Replacement

Initial Assessment & Planning

The journey begins with a thorough assessment of your parking lot. The contractor will examine your parking lot’s current condition to identify the underlying issues and evaluate the overall scope of the project.

Demolition & Removal

Before the asphalt replacement process starts, the existing surface must first be prepared. The contractor determines which portion of the asphalt is the most damaged, and then it will be used as a starting point for ripping up the asphalt. The old asphalt is removed using heavy machinery, front loaders, and large dump trucks to ensure an efficient and precise demolition while minimizing disruption to your property.

Grading & Base Preparation

Achieving a stable and well-draining base is critical to extend the life of the new asphalt parking lot. The grading process involves leveling the surface to achieve proper water runoff. The base is then meticulously prepared to provide a solid foundation, addressing any soil issues and incorporating materials to enhance its durability.

Installation of New Asphalt

The next step is the actual installation of the new asphalt, where careful attention is given to the temperature, mixture composition, and compaction of the hot asphalt mix to guarantee a smooth and resilient finish. The asphalt mix arrives at the site through a dump truck and is fed into an asphalt paving machine. The machine dispenses the asphalt and is closely monitored to ensure a uniform and consistent pour.

Curing Period

After the asphalt is installed, a curing period is essential to allow the material to settle and achieve its optimal strength. The duration of the curing period will vary based on environmental conditions and specific project requirements.

Striping & Markings

The final step involves striping and markings to define parking spaces, traffic lanes, and other essential elements. This step not only enhances the functionality of the parking lot but also contributes to a polished and professional appearance.

Ready to Transform Your Parking Lot? Contact Us Today!

A parking lot asphalt replacement is a complicated process that demands precision, expertise, and careful planning. By understanding each stage of the journey, property owners can approach the project with confidence, knowing what to expect and ensuring a successful outcome. Please contact our expert asphalt replacement team at Wright Construction for a consultation tailored to your property's unique needs.


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