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How Long Does Concrete Take to Dry – and Why Wait?

How Long Does Concrete Take to Dry

Are you planning a future concrete project? If so, you’ll want to take the time to understand the process of concrete laying and curing. These two things are wildly important when it comes to the quality and lifespan of your concrete. We’ll looks at the big questions. How long does concrete take to dry? And, what’s so important about waiting the right amount of time?

Concrete Pavement Installation

After clearing the area of any debris or old concrete, the crew can get to work on placing a sub base of fill gravel. Forms are then set with screws or nails for easy removal after the concrete is cured. Once the concrete mix arrives on the construction site, it is stored in a mixer to keep it from hardening while the installation process proceeds. After the concrete is poured and raked to remove any air pockets, it is then screeded to compact it and speed up the smoothing process. Once the top of the concrete is firm, it is troweled and broomed to create the rough, grippy texture we all know and love. Afterwards, it’s time to let it cure.

Concrete Drying Process

In the first two weeks after your concrete is poured, the temperature is important, which may make you rethink what time your year to start your project in. The ideal temperature range for concrete to be poured and cured in is 40º – 60ºF. The entire curing period of concrete lasts for about a month, but your concrete will be ready for different uses at various times.

After the initial 48-hour set, the forms can be removed, and people can walk on the concrete without damaging it.

After a week, moderate to light vehicle and equipment traffic is okay.

After the full 28–30-day period, your concrete is ready for its full use. Be sure to follow these timeframes to ensure the durability and lifespan of your surface. If you don’t wait long enough, the entire slab will be weaker and more prone to cracking!

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