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Preventative Maintenance for Concrete Pavement

Preventative Maintenance for Concrete Pavement

Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable materials to use when paving. Additionally, concrete is known for its longevity – but is there a way to expand the life of concrete even more? Several factors such as weather, temperature, and ingredient deviation can pose a threat to the health of your pavement, which is why it is so important to regularly assess any injuries or malfunctions to your concrete surface. Because individual problems can multiply quickly, it’s smart to practice preventative maintenance in order to protect your concrete and maximize the life of your pavement.

Here are some preventative maintenance tips and tricks

Preventative Maintenance for Concrete Pavement

1. Consider the Design

There are several distress categories for concrete to consider during design and construction phases, such as broken slabs, cracking, roughness, and buckling. If concrete isn’t mixed, installed, or paved correctly, these distress signals are likely to manifest after the drying process and are crucial to look out for.

2. Regular Maintenance Checks

To save money and improve the lifespan of your pavement, it is ideal to have your concrete professionally examined once every ten years at minimum. Get small repairs made for your concrete at these consistent intervals.

3. Always Patch Concrete With Concrete

With some concrete distress categories, such as buckling or broken slabs, heavier maintenance is required. Most of the time, your pavement crew of choice will carve out and remove the damaged sections of your concrete, and then patch the holes with asphalt. Avoid repairing concrete with any material other than itself – always patch concrete with concrete.

4. Keep Your Surfaces Smooth

When concrete pavement is first installed, it usually achieves an International Roughness Index of about 30 in./mile. However, after a span of 8-10 years, the surface of your concrete can curl and become rough due to temperature and moisture content. Fortunately, finishing off any repair work with diamond grinding guarantees a smooth surface and a pleasant driving experience on the pavement.

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If you need preventative maintenance for your concrete pavement, call the professionals today! Our crews not only perform 10-year inspections, but we also carry out repairs for your surfaces. We work in a timely, professional manner, leaving you with perfect results every single time.

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